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A new fantasy for readers to explore and enjoy.

Only the dead ride with the Valkyrie.

Valhalla is reserved for the most worthy battlefield heroes. Therefore, only the bravest deserve to ride in the arms of a Valkyrie and on the lights of the Aurora Borealis. But modern warfare has changed. Have the heroes?

Perpetua, an arrogant Valkyrie of the Violet Light, is forced to take on human form and walk among mortals to find the answer. Success means she returns to Valhalla exalted. Failure means she’s grounded and will never again ride the skies with her light or take heroes to Valhalla. Cast to Earth in the Norwegian mountains, Perpetua has her wits and her breastplate, but the latter is to be used only in the direst circumstances. When she comes across a man in a remote cabin, she thinks she’s found the human meant to help her. Although tarnished, his aura confirms he is a soldier.

After a horrific tour of duty, ex-Marine Amos Haugen’s only interests are nursing his tortured soul with solitude and booze and trying to forget the true hero who saved his life on the battlefield. The last thing he needs is this mysterious woman appearing at his cabin door, in the darkness of polar night, claiming to have dropped from the sky and demanding his aid.

Knowing none of this, all Perpetua sees is a coward. Filled with contempt, she wants nothing to do with Amos, but grudgingly realizes she needs him to navigate the unfamiliar human world. He refuses, until he uncovers her identify. Compelled by the last shreds of honor, he accompanies her to the World Astronomical Organization conference in nearby Tromsø. Perhaps there she can get answers, and he can return to the solitude of the mountains.

Getting rid of her is not that simple. Two astronomers at the conference not only believe Valkyrie are real, but also that they are solar conduits who can control the Aurora Borealis. When the scientists discover Perpetua is a Valkyrie, they reveal a chilling hypothesis: the mother of all solar storms will hit Earth within a year and cause a technological apocalypse.

Perpetua accepts that she’s Earth’s only hope, but she cannot do this alone. She turns to Amos for help. Can the reluctant soldier summon the courage to help Perpetua save the planet from certain obliteration?

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Coming to a Conclusion

May 2018 I have come to the conclusion that awareness is everything. This isn’t a new idea. In fact, it is ancient. However, it is the way events unfold in our lives that determines our familiarity with and acceptance of ancient principles and truths. My experiences...

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One Foot Over the Rim

April 2018 After my mother died, a company with whom my husband and I do business called me. They wanted to arrange a time to deliver something to our home. The next afternoon, one of their associates brought us a beautiful, white orchid. This associate had lost her...

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Filling the Crater

March 2018 It’s been a year and a half since my mother died and I plummeted into an emotional crater. However, I’m starting to peep over the edge and it’s because of something that happened over the holidays. My sister and her family visited with us. During this time,...

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February 2018 Triggers are everywhere. After a death, the sense of smell can be either a big problem or a big relief depending on where a person is in the grief process. Examples that many people can identify with include suddenly sniffing the air around you because...

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Stripped Down

January 2018 I went away to the woods, stayed a month and finished a manuscript. The time became an adventure in stripping down to essentials. The most obvious example was the landscape itself. Winter leached out its summer and autumn appearance. The closer and longer...

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The Metaphor

December 2017 I am surrounded by metaphors. During the first week of my sojourn in the place of great and timeless beauty, I saw autumn changes in the landscape and I was reminded timeless does not mean standing still. The first weekend I was here, a storm swept...

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Spiritus Locum

November 2017 “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” A couple of years ago, someone gave me a refrigerator magnet with this saying on it. A...

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Happy New Year

October 2017 The year 2016 began on January 1, as all new years do. As usual, it was accompanied with fanfare and celebration. It was also accompanied, as usual, with millions of people taking stock of their lives. The threshold of New Year’s Eve is one of the few...

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Unintentional Intention

September 2017 Several weeks ago, I returned to yoga class. The teacher said, “Set an intention for your practice”. It’s a common instruction, but my reaction was neither meditative nor appreciative. I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Nearly a year ago, my...

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Bring It In

August 2017 Free tickets to a House of Blues concert? In the upper level with seating? An opportunity to hear two artists with whom I wasn’t familiar, but to experience Lindsey Stirling, the headline act? Yes! Their music held no power to make me sad. It contained no...

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See Forever

July 2017 April 6, 2016. My sister and I were visiting our mother in New York. One objective was for just the three of us to be there together. Another was to explore places in the city none of us had been. We decided to go to The Freedom Tower. It was a cold, clear,...

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Memories In My Hands

My dad was a big man. That’s why, in high school, the football coach told him to try out for the team. W.A. (Weyman Alexander) loved the game. He earned a scholarship to play football at an engineering college where he was taught to print in sturdy, even capital...

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Other Things Going On

Winter Park Bloggers and Social Media MeetUp

Jan. 2017 – Present
We meet regularly to discuss what’s new in the blogging and social media world. Topics include how to promote your blog, helpful plugins, software, inspiration, and best practices. This group is designed for bloggers to encourage and learn from each other so everyone can achieve more.

Moondust Media
Mar. 2012 – November 2017
Developed social media marketing content for a wide variety of clients.

Website Administrator
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Sept. 2017 – Present
I maintain and develop church website content.

Board of Directors
Central Florida Romance Writers
Jan. 2006 – Dec. 2012
Served as secretary, vice-president and president for the Central Florida Chapter of Romance Writers of America.


Sibella Publications
June 2017 – June 2018
Contributing writer for Luminous Wisdom Magazine. Sibella has been publishing women’s work for 11 years to a global readership of 55,000+

Social Media Marketing Content Creation
Spring 2012 – Present
Lots and lots of ghostwritten blog posts and other content for social media
marketing clients as Moondust Media.

Bible Reading Fellowship/Good News Daily
All Saints Episcopal Church

Spring 2011 – Autumn 2014
Good News Daily is a bulletin insert containing daily devotions and customized announcements for faith communities in the U.S. and Canada.

Romance Divas
Yoga For Writers
An award-winning website, Romance Divas features resources and information especially for the romance writing community. Yoga For Writers provided easy yoga exercises for writers.

Contest Wins

Young Adult Category Winner – BURNED
Christian Writers of the West

2012 Phoenix Rattler, Courtesy of Christian Writers of the West, ACFW-Arizona

Romantic Suspense Category Winner – BLOWDOWN
First Coast RWA

2009 Beacon Contest, First Coast Romance Writers, RWA

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you published?
The short answer is “yes”. So that’s what I usually say. Some people don’t ask further questions. However, if they do, then it is usually…
I respond with, “I’m a contributing writer to Luminous Wisdom Magazine and I’m the author of many ghostwritten blogs and other pieces of social media content. In addition, I”ve published stories in children’s magazines and I write my own blog.”
Normally, this is enough for most people. Although, sometimes there are people who ask another question which is usually…
Are you working on anything now?
The answer is, “Yes. I’m writing a fantasy called Valkyrie. It is one of a 3-book series. As soon as I’ve implemented changes recommended by my beta readers, I’ll submit the manuscript to literary agents.”
Frequently, one of two questions follow:
Why Don't You Self-Publish? or What Is Valkyrie About?
Frankly, I like the second question better because I’d rather talk about Valkyrie and the other two books verses the pros and cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing. Regardless, I have a plan. I’m following it. That’s why I have this website and a blog to keep people updated on details and stuff concerning The Valkyrie Series. 

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